About Us

American Security Educators, Inc. was founded in 1976 to help law enforcement, businesses and the general public learn how to prevent and deter crime and violence. We are the creators and publishers of numerous handbooks such as the "Neighborhood Watch Citizen's Handbook," "911 Emergency Services, Citizen's Handbook on Crime Prevention," "Community Policing Handbook," "School Watch," "Business Alert," and the "Anti Crime National Handbook."

American Security Educators, Inc. has taught and educated millions of individuals on crime prevention subjects such as Robbery Safety, Hostage Survival, Forgery Prevention and Bad Check Detection, ATM Safety and how to protect citizens from violent domestic and street crimes. Our clients include law enforcement, financial institutions, schools, major corporations, large and small businesses and past customers have been the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD)

Our slogan is "KNOWLEDGE IS THE KEY PREVENTION!" We are dedicated to providing educational materials at a low cost to help individuals do all they can to prevent crime and violence.

James William Gonos


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