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Minimum Order is $50


SOS: Spirit of Survival
  $19.95 plus $3.99 for shipping and handling. (Minimum Order does not apply)

Starter Kits
  Neighborhood Watch Starter Kit

  Individual Citizen Safety and Security Kit

Crime Prevention Guides
  Bad Check Guide
  False ID Guide
  Robbery Survival Guide
  Money Order Fraud Guide
  Counterfeit Money Guide
  Robbery Apprehension Guide
  Forgery Detection Guide
  Robbery Prevention Guide
  Check Fraud Guide
  False ID Racket Guide
  ID Fraud Guide
  Credit Card Fraud Guide
Crime Prevention Handbooks
  Neighborhood Watch
  Anti Crime National Handbook
  Citizenís Handbook of Crime Prevention
  911 Emergency Services
  School Watch
  Attack Crime Business Alert
  Community Policing
  Neighborhood Watch Decal
  Business Alert Decal
  Shoplifting Prevention Decal
  Operation ID Decal

Street / House Signs

  Neighborhood Watch Street Signs (Horizontal / Landscape)
(Minimum Order of 6)

  Neighborhood Watch Street Signs (Vertical / Robber)
(Minimum Order of 6)
  Neighborhood Watch House Signs
(Minimum Order of 25 - 12x12 Size Only)
  School Watch Signs
(Minimum Order of 6)

Height of Robber Kit

ATM Products

  ATM Fraud Prevention Flyer
  Automatic Teller Safety
  Your ATM Handbook

Debit Card Safety Flyer


Forgery Prevention Pamphlet

  Stolen Check Prevention
Other Products
  Operation ID Record Keeper Pamphlet
  How to Use 911 Services Flyer
  Bad Check Video -- Volume 1*

  Bad Check Video -- Volume 2*
  Bad Check Video -- Volume 3*
  Forgery Detection Video*
  Robbery Safety Video*
  False ID Video*

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